IT- and intellectual property law

Legal advice in relation to outsourcing and IT projects, namely drafting of IT contracts, of IT outsourcing and software licensing agreements, legal advice in and supervision of IT projects (implementation of hardware and software, software development), deposition in escrow of source codes, legal advice in relation to Internet use (advertisement, E-commerce, sector specific legislation in banking, insurance and medical care and in other sectors); advice in data protection law, product liability law, and regarding the protection of computer programs and licensing etc.

Legal advice and litigation in relation to trademark law, elaboration and filing of trademark applications, performance of trademark searches in relation to their registerability, risk analyses regarding potential conflicts with third parties, drafting of co-existence agreements in case of conflicts including the leading of settlement negotiations, legal advice and representation vis-à-vis the Swiss Federal Institute of  Intellectual Property (IGE), before the Swiss Federal Administrative Court  and litigation before Swiss courts.

Legal advice in relation to copyright issues (copyright and performer’s rights protection, copyright exploitation agreements and representation vis-à-vis collective rights management organizations; licensing etc.), legal advice in relation to domain names, design, patents and further intellectual property rights, legal advice in relation to merchandising, sports marketing, distribution agreements, advertisement campaigns and media, analyses in relation to legal compliance of advertisement campaigns, of print and other media products.

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