Advertisement, media and unfair competition law

Legal advice in contractual and unfair competition matters in relation to advertisement and marketing, in relation to sector and product specific advertisement restrictions and in sales events. Legal advice and assistance in relation to publications in media and legal representation in unfair competition proceedings, analyses of advertising campaigns regarding compliance with unfair competition law (e.g. food products, medicine, alcohol and tobacco products, cosmetics, consumer credits, banks and insurances etc.).

Analyses in connection with copy rights protection (e.g. exploitation rights, licensing etc. in connection with photo databanks, legal protection of advertising products and design, trademark researches and trademark co-existence agreements etc.).

Data protection law, personality rights, analyses of advertising campaigns regarding compliance with special regulations (foodstuffs, alcohol, tobacco, pharmaceutical products, cosmetics, consumer credits, insurance, watches and toys etc.), analyses of legal issues in connection with E- and M-Commerce, product liability, sponsoring and sports marketing, character merchandising, licensing, lotteries and und advertising events, consumer law.

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